A blank piece of manuscript paper or an empty sequencer project is once of the most exciting things I know of.  The possibilities are literally endless and the knowledge that I am creating something brand new is unbelievably exciting.

"To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time."

Leonard Bernstein


Dartington was a great place to study composition.  Under the tutelage of great composers like Dr Christopher Best and Professor Frank Denyer, I was encouraged to expand my knowledge into all styles of music like Latin Jazz, World Music and Atonality.  This study has proved invaluable when writing music to picture where you are required to be a musical chameleon, writing in whatever style is appropriate for the project you are working on.

I'm currently working on a variety of projects including a re-scoring of the film Willow for my Master's Degree and an Organ work which my soon to be wife will walk down the isle to!